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jaepanic's Journal

19 July 1990
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Love indie/rock/alt/classic/punk/electro/techno music.I like making a cup of coffee last for hours. Bacon cheeseburger pizza is heaven. Current fave shows (in no particular order) are Misfits, Burn Notice, Psych, White Collar, Hawaii Five-0, The Good Wife, Dexter, Community, Weeds, Fringe, Being Human US, Shameless US, Doctor Who, Parks and Rec, and Fairly Legal. Traveling to Europe in Sept for 3 months with my bff/rm M.
10 things, air, alice in wonderland, anya marina, back to the future, band of brothers, band of horses, bauhaus, belle & sebastian, bird and the bee, bishop allen, black hole high, blink-182, bones, bright eyes, burn notice, carla bruni, community, conor oberst, daft punk, dexter, eagles of death metal, ferris bueller's day off, finding nemo, florence and the machine, franki valli, frightened rabbit, get set go, ghostbusters, gogol bordello, gravenhearst, green day, grey's anatomy, guttermouth, harry potter, hawaii five-0, hello seahorse!, himym, ida maria, iwan rheon, james patterson, jefferson airplane, jem, kasabian, kiki's delivery service, kimya dawson, le tigre, lost, lykke li, marina and the diamonds, metric, mgmt, mika, mike doughty, millionaires, misfits, muse, mxpx, nada surf, national treasure, nofx, ocean's eleven, ok go, parenthood, passion pit, plastiscines, popular, psych, rilo kiley, robin sparkles, royal pains, say anything, scott westerfeld, she & him, shiny toy guns, sigur ros, simon amstell, skins, snow patrol, spirited away, spoon, sugarcult, tegan & sarah, the apples in stereo, the beatles, the black keys, the breakfast club, the clash, the dandy warhols, the eagles, the friendly indians, the good wife, the heavy, the hives, the inbetweeners, the italian job, the kaiser chiefs, the kinks, the kooks, the last unicorn, the midnighters trilogy, the mighty boosh, the moldy peaches, the offspring, the perfect score, the pixies, the sohodolls, the sounds, tilly & the wall, totoro, uglies trilogy, ugly betty, vampire weekend, velvet underground, veronica mars, weeds, white collar, white lies, without a paddle, yeah yeah yeahs